please, read the official telegram login article
at (at least skim it!)

Requirements you need to get this running

  • Ruby >= 2.6
  • Docker
  • Ngrok

People using Docker see their own paragraph below.

get the code

Ngrok Development Server

have ngrok installed and start a server by $ ngrok http -p 5555 and copy the https url you are given

  • see what .env.example ships with and create a .env (copy of .env.example) edit with your credentials
  • go, see @BotFather on telegram
  • send him the command /setdomain
  • choose your desired bot (you should have a bot already)
  • and set to the domain you copied from ngrok (https://…

Run the app

run it local using Ruby or with Docker

Get going with local Ruby

  • clone this repo
  • $ bundle install.
  • open another terminal window and run rackup -p 5555
  • open your browser at the given ngrok https:// domain

clap your hands and login with telegram!


  • $ docker build . -t ruby-telegram-login
  • $ docker run -it --rm -p5555:5555 ruby-telegram-login
  • open your browser at the given ngrok https:// domain

if you messed up a step above, simply build again, then run again, again, again